Disney’s Major Plan For Dieting Kids

Posted: 26th August 2013 by Tom Slice in Muscle
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Dieting KidsAt this time, not only teenagers and adults are having a hard time because of being overweight, but also children of younger ages. Based on studies, there are many factors that could lead a child to obesity, but one thing stands out from the list and that is “bad food choices.” And because media plays a big part in our lives, the things kids can see on TV definitely will leave some marks on their mind. That is why Disney’s new diet for kids: No more junk food ads are proposed and will be implement in the year 2015.

This may seem absurd for a TV channel for kids to have this proposal and plan about kid’s diet on their shows. Well, this does not mean that they would make shows about dieting kids, but the right food choices will be used in their sets and shows. It is known that in most TV shows and movies that certain foods are used on the set and in shooting, mostly junk Dieting Kids1and fast foods. This is why Disney is planning to remove those bad foods on their shows and promote good food hoping to influence kids that are watching their shows.

Instead of using fast foods, cereals, candies, and chips, Disney will use good food and healthy ones on their shows. Cereals could still be used as long as the sugar content will not exceed 10 grams for every serving. The meals used will also need to pass the less 600 calorie plan that they have set. Limiting candies and high sugar content drinks will mostly be on the list as well.

It is true that media can influence the viewers and listeners and with the step that Disney is going to make, it will surely make a great effect on kids especially in promoting good and healthy foods through their kid’s shows.

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