Why Most Football Fans Gain Weight

Posted: 22nd October 2013 by Tom Slice in Muscle
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Football Fans Gain WeightA study conducted just recently reported that football fanatics’ food intake is greatly affected by their favorite football teams’ performance.

These are all based on the observations made by the researchers who conducted the study where they have recorded huge difference in the saturated fat consumption of football followers. As it turned out, the followers of the winning team tend to eat more healthy food as opposed to the followers of the losing team who usually end up downing greasy foods after each game. The 7% difference between the two groups’ saturated fat intake clearly shows why weight gain is eminent to these sports fanatics.

Pierre Chandon of INSEAD and the author of the study said that the results of the study are really not that surprising. As usual, it all points out to one human behavior and the psychology of eating. It’s with food that people deals with their team’s loss making themselves feel better by munching on junk foods.

This eating behavior was also observed in people in different cities who have been religiously following a certain sports team. Chandon also pointed out that this kind of eating behavior is very much observed in places where football is so important like Pittsburg and Philadelphia. They also found out that the over consumption is not just limited to food that’s high in saturated fat but on their overall calorie intake.

The reason behind this?

According to Chandon, this is about the search for an immediate gratification after a team’s defeat. The morals of the fans are extremely lowered after a loss and eating is the best way to make them feel better.

Football Fans Gain Weight 1The study comes with an interview and those who were asked about what they think about their experts have found, they would all end up agreeing, saying that it’s true.

Chandon believes that knowing the effects of events such as sports victories and defeats are very important not just its effects of the eating behavior but also since this is also the reasons for most accidents, domestic violence and deaths among people.

But the study is not just focused on the effects of a team’s defeat but also a team’s victory to their avid followers. Chandon also detailed how a team’s victory tends to influence people to be more positive and aim better in life which includes healthy eating.

But then Chandon and his co-author Yann Cornil also discovered that there is still a way to prevent a team’s performance from affecting a person’s behavior and that’s by making them think about other more important things – more than the result of their favorite team’s every game. Chandon is not just speaking based on research but also based on his personal experience.

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