Study: Fewer Food Choices Will NOT Help Weight Loss

Posted: 30th August 2012 by Tom Slice in Muscle
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Weight LossHave you encountered this study, fewer foods choices will not help weight loss? This might come surprising for you, especially when you are often told that by minimizing your food intake and limiting your choices, you can be successful in achieving your desired weight. However, with the release of the above study, this will definitely create confusion to you, and make you doubt the things you have learned about the effective weight loss.

While it will not be easy to accept the study above, you will agree with it once you find out the basis that it used. You will see that before the result has been released, there are various tests that have been done to finalize the finding. There are people who are in a diet and those who are not mindful of the foods they eat. These individuals are given assignment in which they will have to do their normal diet for several weeks. The results of this test have resulted in declaring that the fewer choices of foods are not vital to weight loss.

Most weight and health experts have a definite explanation at the mentioned findings. Fewer choices of foods do not guarantee you of weight loss, if the ones you choose are the foods that are not right for your diet. Remember, it is not the quantity that counts here, but the quality of the foods that you consume every day.

Even if you limit your food intake or the choices you eat, this will be useless when you are not able to pay attention on the foods you are choosing. Keep in your mind that the best way to reduce your weight is not all about monitoring your calorie counts for each day; it is also about watching the quality of the foods you eat.

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